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Anping Qinghe Metal Mesh is located in north part of China, 300KM south of Beijing. Qinghe is a company manufacturing and supplying welded wire mesh products and other metal mesh products. Qinghe is a manufacturer of custom-made orders. Qinghe is not a stock keeper. Its turnovers in the financial year of 2012 are USD 18 million. Until the year 2012, Qinghe has been serving customers in more than 40 countries. Send us inquiry to see who are doing business with us in your country. As the company grows stronger, in the year 2018, we set up Anping Harmony Metal Mesh Co., Ltd which is a sister company of Anping Qinghe Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. To provide customers better service, for some small orders (like total order amount under USD10,000.00) we will use this company. Our business philosophy is long-term cooperation, which encourages us to improve every day in terms of Quality Control, Work Efficiency, Management etc. Most of our customers have been cooperating with us for years. Once starting to use our products, you are most likely to work with us for the second order and all your future orders.


Anping is the county name where our company is located. It is 300KM south of Beijing by highway, with a population of 300000 people.

According to the Business Registration Law of China, the company (99.9% of the companies) name must start with the city or the Province Name where the company is located; if it is a super huge company, it must start with “China”, such as “China Mobile”.

If a company name in China start with the name which is not a county, it is most likely either an overseas company or registered in other offshore islands instead of China. Such as Solid Kitchen Ware Co., LTD. Or Good Will Hardware Inc.


“QING” in Chinese means: “celebrating, congratulating, happiness, and joy”

“HE” has various meanings and implications in Chinese, such as peace, harmony, concord, being kind, gentle, friendly, polite and amiable etc.

As the Chinese sayings go, “Harmony is what matters.” “Amiability begets riches.” (A motto for business). Harmony is the core of Qinghe Culture, and this is also what our logo initially originated from. Qinghe has been pursuing a harmonious relationship with our customers, our suppliers, and our staff.
This target is the initial motivation which has pushed Qinghe into trying all its best to maintain high product quality, lower production cost, strengthen our products’ competitive power and enhance our service to customers.

Only when the welding is strong, will there be trust

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