Welded Wire Stock and Price List, updated on Dec 19, 2023

We have the following Welded Wire Mesh available, specifications listed below can be ordered and shipped within 3 working days. Please contact us for confirming the quantity and price.

AISI 304 Welded Wire Mesh Stock and Price List 
Wire DiaHole SizeWidth x LengthWeightEX Works
0.4MM 1/4Inch1M X 30M 9.6KgsUS$32.92
0.6MM 1/4Inch1M X 30M 21.6KgsUS$47.03
0.5MM 1/2Inch1M X 30M 7.5KgsUS$25.87
0.8MM 1/2Inch1M X 30M 19.2KgsUS$45.47
1MM 1/2Inch1M X 30M 30KgsUS$65.85
1.2MM 1/2Inch1M X 30M 43.2KgsUS$103.47
1.6MM 1/2Inch1M X 30M 76.8KgsUS$183.43
0.5MM 3/4Inch1M X 30M 5KgsUS$23.52
0.8MM 3/4Inch1M X 30M 12.8KgsUS$31.36
1.2MM 3/4Inch1M X 30M 28.8KgsUS$61.14
1.6MM 3/4Inch1M X 30M 51.2KgsUS$136.40
2MM 3/4Inch1M X 30M 80KgsUS$159.92
1MM1Inch1M X 30M 15KgsUS$36.06
1.6MM1Inch1M X 30M 38.4KgsUS$101.12
1.8MM1Inch1M X 30M 48.6KgsUS$101.91
2MM1Inch1M X 30M 60KgsUS$136.40
3MM2Inch1M X 30M 67.5KgsUS$211.65

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