Holland Fence

Welded Wire Holland Fence Clips and Fasteners

Holland fence which also named as euro fence, wave-shaped wire mesh, wavy mesh, welded ripple mesh fence, swallowtail post fence.  it is welded from high quality low carbon steel wire, then do galvanization and powder coated to get corrosion resistance. The popular powder coated color for wavy mesh fence is dark green, this color make the Holland fence as the traditional and elegant fence for decoration and security in gardens, private residence and parks.

The horizontal wires of Euro fence have a crimp to provide for a tighter, more rigid installation, and make the rain water drain easily which assures a better resistance to corrosion. The euro fence panels and posts are jointed together with the special plastic clamp or high strength stainless wire clamp.

Holland fence can be applied as highway fence, rail fence, which may located on the mountain, slope, bending zone, thus requiring adaptability particularly strong fence, so the fence should be of higher adaptation.

Welded Wire Holland Fence Clips and Fasteners
Welded Wire Holland Fence Rolls

Holland Welded Fence Material

– Low Carbon Steel Wire

Holland Welded Fence Applications

– Widely used on highway, railway, airport, stadium golf course, residential area, port, oil stations, farming, animal husbandry and the mountains.

Holland Welded Fence Finishing

– PVC Coating

Holland Welded Fence Features

 – The design of horizontal wave wire has strengthened the fencing, also makes the fencing more beautiful

– The powder coating finish makes the fence match well with the natural environment, and add additional defense against corrosion.

– Easy and quick to install

– Firm structural

– Smooth Mesh Surface

Welded Wire Holland Fence and Post
Holland Fence Specification
Mesh OpeningWire Dia.Roll SizeRoll Weight
100MM x 50MM2.2MM1.0M x 25M16.30KG
100MM x 50MM2.2MM1.2M x 25M19.50KG
100MM x 50MM2.2MM1.5M x 25M24.40KG
100MM x 50MM2.2MM1.8M x 25M29.30KG
100MM x 50MM2.2MM2.0M x 25M32.50KG
75MM x 50MM2.5MM1.0M x 25M22.00KG
75MM x 50MM2.5MM1.2M x 25M26.40KG
75MM x 50MM2.5MM1.5M x 25M33.00KG
75MM x 50MM2.5MM1.8M x 25M39.60KG
75MM x 50MM2.5MM2.0M x 25M44.12KG
50MM x 50MM2.5MM1.0M x 25M24.80KG
50MM x 50MM2.5MM1.2M x 25M29.70KG
50MM x 50MM2.5MM1.5M x 25M37.20KG
50MM x 50MM2.5MM1.8M x 25M43.60KG
50MM x 50MM2.5MM2.0M x 25M44.70KG

Only when the welding is strong, will there be trust

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