Compound Balanced Conveyor Belts

Compound Balanced Conveyor Belts

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Compound Balanced Conveyor Belts is tightly woven for baking or conveying small parts, known in the industry as Baking Bands, Cord Weave, Compound Balance, Chevron Weave, Herringbone Weave.

This belt has right-and-left-hand spirals fitted closely together for a smooth, dense weave. It is excellent for conveying very fine or small products, as well as unstable or top-heavy items. The compound balanced belt is used extensively in baking cookies, crackers, and snack foods.

Compound balance belt is preferred by bakeries because it’s open enough to provide even heat distribution and passage of gases. Compound balance belt can be woven of flattened wire to provide a surface that minimizes product marking. It’s also preferred when an extremely flat surface is required.

The best choice for conveying very small products and top heavy loads.

Assembled by alternating left and right hand spirals that nest into each other. Each spiral can have up to five connecting rods, resulting in the tightest mesh you can get.  Openings are much smaller than the diameter of the wire. Cord weave Conveyor Belts are true running for traction drives.


Compound Balanced Conveyor Belts Application 1

Compound Balanced Conveyor Belts Application 2

Compound Balanced Conveyor Belts Application 3

Compound Balanced Conveyor Belts Application 4

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