Welded Wire Mesh Roll, Panels, Fences and related Products Manufacturer

We weld 30 Million Holes per hour

By CNC welding machines and State of the Art Tooling Workshop.

300+ Customers in 40+Countries

We load 1.5 containers daily on average in 2020 to fight the pandemic.

Quality, Price & Delivery Time

The 3 only factors we care about for customers

Gal. Welded Wire Mesh

Be honest and transparent to customers is one of our key values, as in the long run, the communications costs are extremely low.

PVC Coat Welded Wire Mesh

By our custom designed PVC Coating ovens, we can do super thick PVC Coating to keep our our PVC coated welded wires quality is the leading one in China.

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

Chemical components has to be double tested before it is set on the machine.

We are Driven by Values

Some of our competitors says that welded wire is an easy product, it is indeed not a high tech product, but it is never easy to maintain the quality and keep the cost competitive. It is never easy to keep our customers competitive. From the beginning of material ordering, chemical checking, machine setting up, to galvanizing, PVC coating, packing and loading etc…

Only when the welding is strong, will there be trust

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