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Hot-dipped Galvanization

It is the chemical treatment, belonging to the electrochemical reaction.  Zinc ingots are melted with some auxiliary materials at high temperatures, and then dipped galvanized metal structure slot, so that a layer of zinc metal components attached layer.  The advantage of his strong anti-corrosion, galvanized layer adhesion and better hardness is not easy to come off, and can be used for a long time.


Hot-dipped galvanized welded wire mesh process: 
Deal with carbon steel wire welded into a network → heating → cooling to the required temperature of hot-dip galvanizing → cooling → storage


Electro Galvanization

Electro-galvanized cold galvanizing uses electrolysis equipment , through the degreasing, pickling ingredients post-zinc salt into the solution, and connects the negative terminal of electrolytic device;  in the workpiece opposite the place of zinc plate connected to the electrolysis device cathode, connected to power, the use of current from the cathode to the anode of the directional move will be a layer of zinc deposited on the workpiece.


Electro-galvanized welded wire mesh process:

Deal with carbon steel wire welded into a network → pickling → Electrolytic degreasing  → cooling → storage


PVC Coating

Meshes pass through a phosphate and a powder coating process to assure their corrosion resistance.




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