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Dear customers, even though we do not provide PRICE LIST, we will present the price of each inquired product according to your specific requirements.  Usually one-product inquiry will be priced in 24 hours.


The factors affecting the price are as follows: raw material price, processing fees of different specifications, and the quantity in need.


Raw material price is always changing.  The steel wire rod price, stainless wire rod price, pvc powder price, and zinc price (for hot dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing) costs account for most of the welded wire mesh costs, so even a tiny change in the raw material price will lead to different final prices of the welded wire mesh.


Each customer’s needs vary.  Customers are from different industries and use the same product in different ways, which will cause hundreds of specifications under the same product.  These different specifications will determine fees per square meter different.


The quantity of an order has a direct influence on costs and prices. In the course of an order from production to transportation to customers, certain costs are fixed. Expenses of such as export customs fees, operating documents...etc. These fixed costs will be averaged to the quantity of this order. So the more the order quantity is, the lower the unit price will be. Check MOQ.

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